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Remerge Band Acoustic Duo Live Interview

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Tune in to listen to a live interview with Remerge Band on itmattersradio. Go to:

Remerge Band Acoustic Duo

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Funky Buhdda , 2621 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

A fun filled evening with Remerge Band!!! Come on in and enjoy originals, covers songs that make you want to have a great time. Another band, to be determined, will be opening for us. There is a $7 cover charge.

Well Hello 

Thanks all who came out to the Library for our class on Songwriting. We will be back March 4th starting at 1:30 on the 3rd floor.
Until them you can see Remerge Band Acoustic Duo on Thursday on Feb 23rd from 5-7 look at our their show schedule. Or come on out to the Mandel Public Library downtown WPB on Feb 25th starting at 1pm to 4pm and hear them perform new originals, their will be other guests performing  
The ladies will be back at The Brewhouse Gallery just waiting to hear from the man for a date. They did have one but they are booked in Miami for the month of March on Sundays... So peace love and all that to all and you will see Remerge Band soon 
ya hear.......

1973 Year in Music - Hosted by Jay Goldberg - At the Mandel Public Library! April 29th from 1-4 join Remerge Band and others to perform at this event!!

Melody and Tia downtown Lake Worth, FL 
(c)2016 Rivia Jimenez

Melody and Tia downtown Lake Worth, FL (c)2016 Rivia Jimenez