Remerge Band is Melody Stuart and Tia Green.  They first met at a music jam in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.  They each was impressed with the others’ musical style and talent, and thought they could create music together. As they jammed together they found their musical styles complimented each other.  
However, after an initial session, their plans fell apart when Melody left for New York.  After a few months, Melody was back in Florida and went to the a music meet-up in Royal Palm Beach.  Melody ran into Tia there.  During the jam each was reminded of the musical talents of the other, and a music partnership was formed. They hit it off right away. There musical styles jelled. 
 Melody and Tia collaborated on  many songs for the for the hopes of up coming gigs.  Their excellent brand of music led to Melody and Tia playing in venues that had open mic .  During that time, Melody and Tia became so accomplished as a duo, that they quickly were in demand to play in venues that offered live music.  So Remerge Band was born.  Melody and Tia started playing cover songs.   

Melody a songwriter with a treasure chest full of original songs and has over 40 songs published and being played on TV and Film had the desire to write more. With a different flair and style  and Tia had a ton of  original songs ready to come out and play.   Therefore, they  added original compositions to their set list.  The first original song they played was Two Girl Boogie,  that song is available on their first CD (all original songs) Clean Slate.  As Remerge Band played more and more gigs, they were pleased to realize that their audiences loved their original songs and cheered for them. 

Melody, who comes from a music industry family, started out as a musician.  Then she changed gears and started managing and promoting other acts.  And Melody had significant success in that arena.  Some of the acts she managed and some of the songs she wrote appeared in television shows and commercials.  But Melody was missing being a performer, who played on and sang on the songs she wrote.  
Meanwhile, Tia who always loved playing music, turned her attention instead to raise her family.  While having no regrets in making this decision, as her children got older and older, her itch to get back into playing music in a big way grew stronger. Do to the fact she had the time to practice once all on her own developed a wonderful fingerpicking style all her own. And uses multiple tunings. Tia also an accomplished pianist

So both Melody and Tia were faced with important life decisions.  And the result is that they have remerged from previous lives to form the talented duo, Remerge Band Acoustic Duo.  

Their second release called "Pieces of Us" is now available on iTunes, etc.......... You will not be disappointed. JTR Neon Radio,  Arzuk Radio, WOS Radio, Worsely  BBC Radio cannot get enough of Remerge music. These girls were recently signed by Handmade Sounds in London, England.  

So tune in and take a listen to these two talented ladies. 


Our Story

Melody and Tia

Melody and Tia