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2020 Well Well Well..... What can they say but this whole world has changed..... They left the sunny land of WPB Sept of 2019 and landed in the heartland of Indiana  for a spell. Hoping to work and get many jobs. And they did. The writing never stopped and the submitting to different Tv shows and Films never stopped. They continue to do much work with their record label Rehegoo Music Group Records, In London. But on March 15th 2020 the world stopped!!! And even before it did  Melody was working remotely with her with her favorite recording studio "Power Station" in Pompano Beach, Fl. For years they have worked there. And in person. She wrote a song called "Contagious Carrie" which was selected for a Documentary what is going on in the world today!!! July 30 2020 they released another song called " Mr. Pathetic" this one Melody went for the Chrissy To Lulu sound. Very cool. They decided they have had enough of The Middle and went west,  way out west..... California.... yes even in the thick of things. Upland near L.A. they know some people and fellow musicians there. With a mask or three. What a time for writing music and getting things done. We have so much time on our hands. 

2019 has been a whopper of a year.  Overhead music license  deal. So if your shopping in your favorite department store that song your hearing might be them. Since April 2018  until now the girls have been busy writing their best music. Great songs, great instrumentals, even throwing in a few cover songs. Well why not everyone else does, besides we want you to come and listen to them really play. Go to their Spotify Channel and Pandora Radio  Channels and been getting tons of airplay. Even better with the reports they are getting a ton of overseas airplay. What are you waiting for take a listen and hear what these two talented ladies can do.

 2018 was a  year with some  time down with writing and regrouping but they did go to Tennessee  and played with a well known songwriter and grammy winner Glenn Tubb. He wrote for Jonny Cash his list of songs is extensive. He was the sweetest man they  have ever met and still going strong.  but 2019-2020 will be there year to shine!.  

2017 was cool  with CD release of "Pieces os us" with touring and travel and radio shows!!!  NYC Shows, Long Island Shows, Upstate NY Shows, Then they went to Indiana played shows!. They had On air live  radio interviews. CD release party's! On the road again. New pictures  and those were always fun! They always enjoy those.   

2016 CD release of Clean Slate and a wonderful Cd release party it was. It was held at the "Brew House Gallery, WPB Fl", what a successful evening it was and then to find their song "Riding the Wave" instrumental made it to "Pandora Radio" after several attempts with other songs. They love to curate their music. 

2015 Remerge Band was born and from there it has been 90 songs later and history !!!!!


Remerge Band is Melody Stuart and Tia Green. Remerge Band have songs on Pandora Radio and many listening platforms, They have been sought out to sign publishing deals for their songs, have music for sale, and are finding more and more radio stations featuring their music. Remerge Band was selected as the sixth classic artist on an Internet radio station from Barstow, California. Have been on  Award Winning Show "Woman of Substance Radio" hosted by their favorite "Bree Noble" as a finalist for best instrumental and for best female artist or group.  In addition, their song, I’ll Be There was voted song of the week by listeners on an Internet radio show out of South Florida that plays music from both independent artists and mainstream artists.  And they have been featured in studio guests a number of times on the Folk and Acoustic Music with Michael Stock show on 91.3 WLRN FM out of Miami on many occasions. Their first time was to introduce "Riding the Wave" the first instrumental accepted to Pandora Radio!


Remerge Band Acoustic Duo is available for booking for concerts at music venues, and for house concerts whether to entertain your friends, your family, or social or corporate groups. Send them an email to get more details and to book them for a concert. 

So Ride the Wave with Remerge Band as their popularity grows. Catch them live in concert, purchase their music, and add their music to your Pandora radio station.  

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for the SUMMER of 2019 --> Remerge Band will be back up north and will be performing at the Shrine in New York City.  and upstate New York, New Hampshire and Boston.  As always details to follow. 

GREAT MUSIC, FIND OUT ABOUT THE BAND --> watch Remerge Band's interview on It Matters Radio 

And check out our appearance on Balcony TV  

Remerge - Means to start a new to reinvent oneself-to always create”

— Tia Green

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